Friday, February 27, 2015

Feel Me, Read Me, Watch Me, Eat Me

Oh, I know I've been MIA and only part of it was vacation.  However, even though I'm headed to Ottawa this weekend (if you're in the area, come see the ladyfriend perform), I'm back - at least figuratively.

Many of us are overeducated and underemployed; this is especially true of adjuncts/sessionals.  The discussion on wages and stability for us continues.

Talk about bike culture - this would be a dream problem for so many of us!

Shout out to my father who sent me this link on nerdy knits.  He's a fan of the Yoda hat.  Babies are great because you can just dress them up as you want, and they can't say anything about it.

Finally, here's a video from a friend.  Catchy song and I love that parts of it were shot in my old subway station in Brooklyn.  Yay!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thoughts on Oscars Red Carpet Commentary - Part 1

I don't tweet, but I'm watching the E! network coverage of the Oscars' red carpet, and there are thoughts I can't keep back at the moment:

1.  Does Kelly Osborne actually know what ruching is?
2 a.  Why do we care what Khloe Khardashian thinks about the dresses?
2b.  Clearly Khloe has very traditional/conservative tastes.  Are you really saying that a beautiful light pink or peach couture dress isn't red carpet?  Is that why you're wearing red?  Can we say obvious?

I'm sure I'll have more comments as the evening goes on...

But here's the beauty of it all - during the commercials, I switch to the Rangers/Blue Jackets game.  The best of both worlds!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Guest Blog Post on Bike Pretty

In a moment of ironic coincidence, my guest blog post on chic winter cycling is up on Bike Pretty today...just as we're getting ready to leave Palm Springs.  Sigh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Soul Revitalization

Don't hate me; we really needed some vitamin D.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Throw Back Sunny Trip

We're on a little trip, and guess what we're driving...
(apologies to those of you in the snow.)

Monday, February 9, 2015

On My Mind Mondays: Giving Birth

Yeah, thought that might get your attention; however, it's not what you think.

On Friday I realized it was exactly nine months until my 50th birthday (step one:  put it in print) and knew that I couldn't let the opportunity pass to work on a project in honour of that.  So I'm saying I got pregnant with an idea on Friday, but like any fledgling idea or cluster of cells, it's not always immediately clear what that might turn out to be.

I knew that I wanted it to be a durational project, something that I would work on throughout the next nine months, and I knew it had to have significance for the occasion.  After talking with the ladyfriend, I realized that making the Turkish Coat from Folkwear Patterns would actually fit the bill.  I could engage in a textile-based project that would ultimately be both an artwork and wearable.  (Please note - I'm not talking about what some call "wearable art" or "art to wear." We can talk about my (probably misguided) distinctions later.)

The Turkish coat can be worked in sections, has options for hand (or machine - not my thing) quilting or trapunto, and can utilize various materials, which lends itself to all kinds of possibilities.  I haven't decided on fabrics yet except that I want to line the coat in silk and embroider words and phrases that are meaningful to me on it.

I'm thinking of the coat as something that will bring me to my birthday, something that I can use to meditate on the significance and perhaps the, uh, let's say insecurities I may be experiencing.  I'm also looking at it as something that will protect and comfort me, guiding me through the next 50 years (yeah, that's right - at least 50 years!).

Stay tuned for progress reports.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sausage Party: G-Rated, Don't Worry

File under:  Long Overdue Posts

A recent blog post on the Alabama Chanin site about The Fatback Pig Project reminded me of the sausage-making weekend in January.  Here are some images from that weekend.  This is the third year I've participated, and as long as they allow me to come back, I'll continue on.  I love the conversations we have, the drinking and eating we do, and the whole community aspect of it.  Plus, I learn a lot about making sausage.  I'm hoping that next year I'll be on top of it and be able to make the Pig's Head Pancetta from Sean Brock's Heritage cookbook.

There's much to be said for knowing what goes into your sausage!