Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MichFest 2010

We've come back to Hamilton, and reentry is a little difficult.  (We're still wearing our festival bracelets - yes, clinging to the memory).  Here's what I want to say about the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival - it was fanfuckingtastic.   I won't try to explain it in detail here because I have the feeling it'll be like trying to explain a tattoo or recount a dream - it's never quite right, and the listener usually says something polite like, "Oh."

Instead, here are ten things (in the order in which they came to me, not their importance) about MichFest that are still keeping my buzzing (seriously, I'm like a live wire right now):
1.  Living in a world totally sustained by women (sorry, haven't made the commitment to the other spelling, just live with it).  The men were only allowed on the land (under the cover of darkness and accompanied by women - quick avert your eyes!) to clean the Porta-Janes (or, as Liss and I term it, to suck our stink) and empty the trash.
2.  Excellent music range.  Particularly great were Sistas in the Pit, Slanty-Eyed Mama, and Tender Forever as well as the Butchies' version of the Runaways' hit Cherry Bomb.  (insert a big sigh from me here)  I mean, where else would you want to hear Cherry Bomb?
3.  The women themselves.  Okay, let me be clearer - there were some majorly hot butches on the land.  There.  It was amazing.  Let me leave it at that.
4.  Dancing.
5.  Crazy vegetarian food that I ended up craving.  For example, I'm going out to buy some nutritional yeast, a lesbian super-food.  I like to think of it as the fairy dust of Michigan.
6.  Comedian Julie Goldman - wet-yourself (in a Depends-kind of way) funny, and yes, cute.
7. The opportunity to be as crazy, sexy, outrageous, nasty, polite, freaky, etc. as you wanted to be and to find that you're still surrounded by people who are generous and nice.
8.  Outdoor showers.
9.  The chance to stand right beneath fireworks.  It was breath-taking and felt like tripping (good trip, not bad trip). 
10.  The opportunity for some major epiphanies, which I won't share here.

So I drank the Kool-Aid, and it was good.

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