Friday, April 1, 2011

How I Have Spent My Sick Days

My three main activities over the last five days (oh my god!) have been sleeping, reading, and, to a far more limited extent, eating.  Mainly I've been sampling chicken soups.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any homemade in stock (believe the last family illness wiped out our supplies), so I had to rely on commercial products.
Wolfgang Puck soups are perfectly serviceable.  I had both the Chicken with Egg Noodles and the Chicken with White and Wild Rice varieties.  My main comment is that when they're not piping hot, I find they take on a more viscous texture.  I like mine a little clearer.

I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel about Imagine Organic Creamy Chicken Soup because, well - it was just a dairy-free creamy soup with no chunks of anything in it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  I found it quite tasty and didn't miss the chunks, but that also may have to do with the fact that I was often sipping it out of a coffee mug.

What I really wish I had was some good matzoh ball soup.  Not some tired grocery store variety, but something that came from Ratner's or the Ratner's cart that I used to go to when I worked on Wall Street.  Yes, it's true.  I worked on Wall Street and got matzoh ball soup from a cart.

I've caught up on a number of my magazines, back issues of the New York Times Book Review, plus endless internet surfing.  I was inspired by a video I saw on Advanced Style feature Tziporah Salamon, a fabulous New Yorker.   My friend Artemis once took me to a workshop/performance she held.  I felt then and still do that I have so much to learn and so far to go.  She has such a beautiful confidence about her dressing that I still struggle to find.  I like to think I don't care what others think, but Tziporah really listens to herself and no one else.  You've got to check her out.

On a weird note, I'm afraid a comment I wanted to post on the Sartorialist was squashed.  I can't find it.  There was a post (March 28), where Schuman wrote, "I loved that she's a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre."  Of course, there was a huge kerfluffle (love that word, never use it) left, right, and center (to the tune of 1571 comments - dude! talk about traffic).  I wrote that basically we shouldn't even be pointing out size because it's almost like pointing our race/ethnicity/sexual orientation.  I included a sentence that said something like, "We wouldn't say something like "You don't see many black bloggers.""  I don't know if that's what happened or if I just somehow slipped through the approval cracks.  I thought that maybe my comment might be a little controversial (it didn't seem like anyone had mentioned race) and had the ladyfriend read it for approval.  I don't know.  A couple of subsequent comments mentioned the lack of a need to talk about size, but maybe it was too political (really?).  Who knows?  Just kind of disappointing.

Like I said, I've basically been on house arrest for the past five days.  I've got a lot of time to think.  Thankfully, my fever seems to have broken.  I can smell the fresh air of freedom.

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