Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Orb Action Available to All!

As you know, we're in Newfoundland, and one of the main reasons we're here is because the ladyfriend is doing a performance/science experiment as part of the ArtEx festival.  Tomorrow, around 10am (Newfoundland time, which is 1.5 hours ahead of New York/Toronto time), she'll be launching an orb outfitted with a digital camera and a GPS down the Exploits River.  The camera will be snapping photos every two seconds, which she'll turn into an animation once the orb's trip down the river is complete.  But you can follow the orb online in real-time because the GPS will be sending position information every 10 minutes.  Here's the link to be in on the action:  I'll be acting as the "lab assistant" back at the gallery, mapping out the progress of Orbie, as we call it now.  While I don't get to follow Orbie down the river,  at least I get to wear a lab coat.  I guess that, and the trip to Newfoundland, is fine recompense.

On an entirely different, but related note - does anyone know if there's a metal scene in Newfoundland?  The landscape, as we saw it before we got covered in fog yesterday, is quite conducive to thoughts of trolls, death, and the meaninglessness of life.  Right now, the only "Newfie" music I know of involves fiddles and accordians, which are nice, but not very metal.

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