Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MichFest 2012!

After a year off, the ladyfriend and I ventured back to “the land.” Yes – the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival.  We hadn’t taken last year off because we hadn’t had an amazing time the first time but because we were in Newfoundland and there’s only so much time or money.

While different than the first time, which, for us, was spine-tinglingly* overwhelming and wonderful, this year cemented the fact that we will come every year that we can.  In fact, we’re thinking about trying to offer a workshop next year called “So Wrong for So Long” about how even after our friends talked about Fest all the time, it took us awhile to actually get there.  Now that we’ve experienced it for ourselves, we wished we’d come earlier.  So wrong for so long.  I’m sure we’re not the only ones.  Now the question is – how do we convince more of our friends?

One of the great things about Fest is that there’s room for all kinds of womyn (spelling remains in deference to Fest).  If you’re the crunchy granola type, there’s music, workshops, and things for you to do.  If you’re a Goth chick, you’ve got options as well. Into hip hop, punk, or mellow jazz?  Got you covered.  It’s not the big, over-processing plant (my initial fear) that one could think it is.  It’s really just a great time and an easy place to be.

Some of the entertainment highlights this year were Tender Forever (whom we’d seen in 2010 at Fest), Scream Club, MazzMuse, Gina Breedlove, Dorothy Allison (amazing!), and Leslie and the Lys (wonder if “Lys” is also short for Local Yarn Store – she is very crafty).  See the joy in my face as I pose with Leslie Hall?  Do I really have to convince you further?

Elvira Kurt, who not only MC’d multiple stages but had her own set on Opening Ceremony night, is worth the price of admission in and of herself.  Terribly funny, incredibly smart, and super cute!

I could go on, but I’ll practice some restraint.  However, if you have questions about Fest, feel free to ask me or check out their website.  It’s a really important space to have, and it would be a great loss if we were to lose it.

Just to keep things interesting, I’m off to take an intensive weekend workshop (thanks to an Emerging Artist Grant from the Ontario Arts Council) at Alabama Chanin.  Stay tuned.

*this word is easier read than spoken aloud. 

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