Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seam Allowance Project Update

So far, so good.  An obvious result of this is the wearing of things I'd previously dismissed or ignored - mostly erroneously - although some things are begging for alteration.  I already spend what I'd consider a fair amount of time thinking about what I'm going to wear (although sometimes it's just, "What fleece should I wear with these jeans?"), but now I'm asking myself, "Do I have something that I've made that could go with this?"  It's like the other question I'd like to ask myself, which is, "Do I have a hat that could go with that?"  But that's another project for another time.

What I'm also noticing is that it'd be easier if I'd made some basics - like I need a well-fitting, simple brown top.  In fact, I could've used that top today because it's something ridiculous like 18 degrees (Celsius), and I'm wearing a cashmere turtleneck.  I think making a small whack of Alabama Chanin basic t-shirts, both long and short sleeved, would be a good place to start.  It'd also answer my question about where to source attractive, ethical, sustainable t-shirts.  Of course, the "no new crafting materials" pledge complicates things, but I'm sure I can figure it out.

It also makes me want to spend some serious time with my sewing machine.  I'm really hoping that this Saturday I can make those pants.

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