Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vegas Lost and Found

We renewed our search for the Catholic Charities thrift store Wednesday and were rewarded with a few goodies like this great glass drinks tray with matching coasters.   I also overheard the following, which I found hysterical:  "Let's go to the Mormons, they're cheaper."
The ladyfriend's sister and brother-in-law booked a night for us at The Paris Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.  It's been about ten years since we'd last been on the strip, and let me say, it is far different from the last time we were there.  We should've known since the sign from the hotel we stayed at last time, the Stardust, was on display at the Neon Museum.
"Paris" in the rain
I also realized that gambling kind of bores me although I'm thinking that if we can make a game like Settlers of Catan a gambling game, that might work for me (nerd alert!).  I can sit at the video poker machine for a little bit, lose some money, make it back, and then be done with it.  Quite honestly, the casinos lacked glamour.  I know, it's not the '50s and the Rat Pack is long gone but can't people just try a little harder than khaki shorts, beer bongs, and flip flops? Demanding, I know.  Yes, if I were a high roller (which I am only in my mind), I could play with the fancy pants.  Maybe next time I'll try to figure out some of the table games.

Flower children - can you dig it?

Love the detail in the windows
The weather was a bit grey on Thursday, but we took the opportunity to check out some of the other casinos.  The Bellagio always has some great displays, and right now they're focusing on Chinese New Year.  The Year of the Snake - hooray!  The ladyfriend and I were both born in the year of the snake as were many of my friends as well as my mother.  It should be a good year for us all, and so far, so good!
Three snakes