Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Things I Learned on a Long Trip - Wrap Up

The ladyfriend and I agree - the best caption for this is "Where's the key party?"
Because this post is so overdue, I thought I'd limit my commentary (as much as I possibly can) and summarize the other things I learned; however, after typing the first one in, I forgot what the other lessons had been.  I must confess to a bit of Nova Scotia brain.   Please forgive me.

  1. Don't save the sightseeing attractions for when your visitors come.  Of the four sets of guests we had, only one wanted to see some of the sights of Berlin.  Needless to say, we were surprised.  It also meant that we didn't see a lot of things we'd assumed we would.  We did take an amazing 4-hour walking tour of Berlin a few days before we left, but next time, we'd take our chances having to see a sight twice rather than miss it altogether.

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