Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Still My English Paper Piecing Heart

One of the gifts the ladyfriend gave me for Christmas was an English Paper Piecing class at Needlework, our local fabric & sewing store.  I took the class this past Tuesday night, and I seem to have found yet another crafty love.  It's all hand sewing and utilizes scraps.  Perfect for someone who keeps little bits of fabric too sweet to trash.  The scraps for the rosette above came from a bundle I bought from the workroom at City of Craft a few years ago.  While I've already started seven more hexagons to make another rosette, I'll have to be wait to really tuck into this as I have three projects on my knitting needles, two of which are time sensitive (as in due by the end of the month), and the other is the Isolda Teague Mystery Knit-a-long, which should be finished this weekend, but I'm behind a couple of clues.

Patience, that's what I need a little more of - patience, and that's something sewing is always teaching me.

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