Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crafting Toward Spring

The weather is still bitingly cold, and the longer days just make it seem that much colder.  It's hard not to think that the weather will be more temperate when it's light at 7:30pm.  But it's just a ruse.  It's still winter.

But I was ready to sew last weekend.  Inspired in part by SouleMama's recent sewing flurry, I set off to our studio.  Initially I'd planned on making the Lisette skirt to go with the top I already made (in my Instagram), but of course, I didn't have a couple of things.  So I decided to take some fabric I'd bought at Value Village and make a Wiksten tank.  I have to say, I really like it.

Not to be immodest, but I do think I did a great job with the pocket placement.  (This image also gives you a close-up of the kind of odd juxtaposition of farm animals and architectural details.)
And bonus!  It fits perfectly!
Can spring really be that far away?

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  1. Hello Claudia, apologies for my late reply to your comment on my blog. I have been such a bad blogger lately and only just saw your comment!! Yes, I do love my Merchant and Mills dress, plus the other three I made from that pattern. I haven't made the Trapeze but I'm sure it will be every bit as wonderful, both to make and to wear. I also love the Wiksten tank, such a great pattern and yours is no exception. Enjoy!