Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kentucky or The Hills Are Alive, And They're Trying to Kill Us

The last few days of cycling have been rather epic.  One might describe the hills of Kentucky as "rolling" if they are in a car, but on a bike they have been more like mountains.  And relentless.  Here are the elevation profile for the past three days:

On this last one, the final hill was two miles long.  Yes, the hills have been trying to kill us.  But we're onto Ohio and somewhat flatter land.  Yay!  And we're getting on bike trails, so no cars that don't want to give us space.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about starting a website where cyclists can put the license plate numbers of cars that have crowded or been jerks to them.  Here are three for my father and me:  Ohio vanity plate - HUDLER (I'm pretty certain- definitely HUD..) (too close); Kentucky plate - 117PTP (too close); Kentucky plate - 625BKP (cut me off).   Sure, you may never encounter these people, and they'll probably never know that I've publicly outed them as assholes, but it's the thought that counts, right?

However, it wasn't all hills and bad drivers or dogs that wanted to take a chunk out of my calf, there was some beautiful scenery and these quilt squares on random houses, barns, and buildings all through the state.  It's the Kentucky Quilt Trail, and I took photos of all but three (two I saw before I realized it was a thing, and one I wasn't that into).  They have a map of the state with all the quilt squares here.

You can continue on for the rest of the squares, but before I close, I have a low-brow (another?!) moment.  If I hadn't take a photo of this, my friends would never have forgiven me:


  1. I am glad you took a picture of the church panel!!! Hilarious!

  2. Your thighs are going to be EPIC!!!