Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Besides Getting Dressed, What Else Am I Doing?

Egads!  The life of an intermittent blogger!  I know, blogs are supposedly dead, and people are calling reading books "slow reading."  What the hell?

Well, tell me something's a lost art form/old fashioned, and I'm all over it so I'm approaching my blog with renewed vigor.  Huzzah!  My plan is to come up with a couple of regular post days in addition to the What I'm Wearing to Teach series. I just have to figure out what days work best for me.

Right now I'm working with what I call a framework ("schedule" carries bad connotations). It's about adding a bit more structure to my day and getting me into my office to write on a regular basis.  Can you sense a theme?  I'd like to look at my blog as another part of my writing practice.  The best thing about the framework is that it's flexible and allows me to get back into the flow even after interruptions like a few long days working Coterie in NYC and experiencing the class-act that is Air Canada.  I want the framework to be like a pair of pajamas - easy and comforting to jump into.

Meanwhile, here's what's on my mind:
  1. Somehow rigging a pannier with luggage wheels so I can drag it behind me after I park my bike.  (I've started commuting to the train station on my bike.)
  2. The end of Worn Fashion Journal - what a loss!
  3. My dad's return from Iraq (he was there with the Red Cross).
  4. The century my dad and I are riding Saturday for which neither of us is particularly prepared.
  5. Making elderberry syrup.
There's more, but these are in the frontal lobe (probably anatomically wrong, but whatever).  What's on your mind?

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