Sunday, October 19, 2014

Harvest & More: Preserving the Good Stuff

A weekend in the Berkshires can be quite energizing!
We spent Canadian Thanksgiving in the Berkshires with friends; it seemed like a good idea to go south for the holiday because not only does most everyone love the opportunity to have two Thanksgivings, but also we wanted to go to New England because it's freaking beautiful at this time of the year.   It was, by far, one of the most relaxing weekends we've had in awhile.

So this weekend I've had a bit of a making/cooking/canning spurt.  It's been fantastic!

Yogurt, courtesy of the yogurt maker I bought from Goodwill.  I feel like a fool waiting so long to make it because it is really easy, and it works even if you put the lids on during the process (whoops!).

And then there was...
  • canning the traditionally fermented kosher dills; frankly I was afraid they might've gone too far.  I had them in the brine for 6 weeks, easy, but they are very tasty.  I use the recipe from Canning for a New Generation
  • cooking and canning apple butter (it's in the crock); also from Canning for a New Generation
  • I made some elderberry winter tonic syrup (not shown); it's supposed to be good for staving off colds and what-not during the winter.  I put some into my homemade yogurt, and it was delicious
  • and I tried my hand at making some cottage cheese.  Not entirely sure about it, yet.
The magazine in the foreground has the recipe I use for applesauce.  It's from the November 1998 issue of Martha Stewart Living (they don't have the original recipe online; we've noticed that with some other MS favourites from the '90s).  I'm hoping to make that tomorrow along with starting some hard cider (yay!).  There could also be a batch of chicken stock...

Tomorrow will also be the start of a regular Monday feature called "On My Mind Mondays."  This is not a spoiler, but clearly I've been thinking about the shape and future of this blog.

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