Friday, November 20, 2015

Feel Me, Read Me, Make Me, Eat Me

Oh, it's a crazy world.

First there's the fact that the FDA has approved genetically modified salmon to be sold without any kind of labeling. 

Then there's the fact that the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut have caused people to forget their humanity.

So something like the idea that never seems to die (Hamilton as the new Brooklyn) seems pretty damn mundane.  Okay, and I know I live in Canada and I plan to become a citizen, but you have to admit it's pretty funny that the title of that article is "Is Hamilton Canada's Brooklyn?" because it makes the country of Canada analogous to the city of New York.  It's a question of scale...

But maybe cycling can save the world!

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I really miss American Thanksgiving (The ladyfriend and I will be having the roast turkey dinner, a year-round option, at Russell Williams); I don't miss Black Friday.  However, Alabama Chanin posted this about Black Friday, and not only does it give you the genesis of the term, but a little food for thought about how our actions could affect the businesses we want to support.

And then there's my never-ending ambitions (crafty, not really career-wise - hah!).  I'm working on a sweater for a certain special someone (who doesn't read this blog - I know, how special could they be, right?  But they are.  Very), which I'm going to have to restart because it's massively too big; so 10 inches of knitting in the round is being ripped out.  Yay!  And yes, I swatched, but I miscalculated.  Just because you swatch doesn't mean your math skills are always on point.

Anyway, if I'm knitting that sweater for a holiday gift, when can I start this from the new Brooklyn Tweed Lookbook?  And what about this, which I've been wanting to make with all the Lopi Lett the ladyfriend brought back from Iceland for me?!  And then there's socks on my needles... I don't know if I can actually allow myself to go to Handknit tonight to meet Julie Asselin, whose yarn I bought myself for my birthday and is the yarn I'm using for the aforementioned socks.  Let's be honest, going to a yarn store to meet the maker and see her new yarn without buying a skein is akin to walking into a bar to see what they have on tap and not ordering a beer (yes, that's how my world works).  Sigh.

But enough about me - today is the birthday of my dear friend Karen Thiessen, an amazing artist and person.  Happy, happy, Karen!  I hope to celebrate with you soon!

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