Friday, November 11, 2016

Sublimating Rage/Grief/Fear Through Making

I know I don't need to say what so many of us have expressed over the past few days, but it has been heartening to read so many posts and comments about the election* and know that we are there for each other and readying ourselves for the battle ahead.

Other than the potential loss of liberty we're all facing, I've been obsessed with making things and planning them out.  To that end I've recently purchased the following patterns.  Sure, I have a lot of patterns already, but if I really transform the big feelings I have right now into completed projects, I'm gonna whip through that stash tout de suite!

I finally did it and bought this culottes pattern.  Everyone seems to be offering discounts, and since I'm not engaging in most types of retail therapy, this feels pretty good.

Andrea Mowry of Drea Renee Knits offered a 50% discount on one of her self-published patterns, and this one had been in my Favourites folder on Ravelry for awhile.  Can't help but think the name "Sheltered" is appropriate here.
Photo by Andrea Mowry
And then, I got an unexpected gift of this pattern from Olive Knits for commenting on her Instagram post about how we were going to make the world a better place after the election.  As if there weren't enough things to make me cry; at least they're tears of gratitude.
Photo by Marie Greene
I have another cowl that's waiting to be blocked as well as some wrist warmers and a cape/shrug that are almost done.  Last weekend I made the West Water Tunic by Sam Lamb (photos to follow, really), and this weekend I'll be working on another sewing project (a holiday gift).  Plus, I think I just might cast on for these legwarmers with the YOTH Mother yarn I picked up at Squam in June...
Photo Interweave LLC
In fact, I'm going to buy the book November Knits because I took it out of the library and there were at least ten patterns I wanted to knit from it.  Of course I'll be trying to get the book through my local bookstore (although I just saw it was on deep discount from Interweave itself...).

And yes, I've already given to the ACLU, and the ladyfriend set up a monthly donation to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto because we're all going to need some mental health help.

*To the person who commented on Fringe Association recently about having survived 8 years of Obama, I want to say, "Oh, you survived providing health care for those who had none (like my son), social services for those who needed them (maybe even you), and getting us out of a recession caused by Dubya and his cronies?"  I had other choice words, but I'll practice restraint.  I didn't say anything on the Fringe Association blog because it wasn't the place to do so.  I want to respect Karen's space.  She handled it well.

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