Monday, March 19, 2018

Add & Subtract

I spent last Friday at the studio. My main focus was on finishing my Schoolhouse Tunic before the end date of the sew-along (today - March 19th). This also would be the first of my "make nine" goals for 2018.  I had a fortuitous sewing day, despite the fact that I had to start by replacing a broken needle on my serger.

Here I am in my tunic (the ladyfriend took this picture so I could send it to my mother).

Here's what the fabric looks like close-up.
I'm really pleased with the tunic and the fit; I also think I have a number of things to wear with it because, let's be honest, it's a) too short for me to wear on its own and b) the deep opening in the front requires something underneath as well.

As I went to hang it in my closet, however, something clicked. I looked at the rail and thought to myself, "I have too many clothes."

Now before those of you who know me or have followed me for awhile start laughing or chirping in, why don't you let me finish the story?

I have been working on my closet for years; not always actively, but it's frequently on my mind. When I went to hang up the tunic, I suddenly realized that there was too much noise/distraction in my closet. More clothes make it harder to get dressed despite conventional logic, yet I'm not a minimalist and have no interest in a "uniform." This meant a more thoughtful and decisive cull.

I've started on this project. I've already got a stack of clothes that I think I'm done with. I've edited down my "special occasions" wardrobe, and I've managed to let go of two black dresses, but there's still more in the closet. The goal here is to be able to see everything that's going on as well as have more pieces that work together yet don't duplicate functions.

I'll be selling things on eBay, giving clothes to specific people, potentially hosting a cocktail/"shop my closet" gathering, and exploring other avenues (consignment!). What I have to be careful of is overvaluing (either fiscally or sentimentally) the things in my closet. I need to let go. I'm not doing myself any favours otherwise.


  1. 1. I love the tunic. 2. I love your carpet tiles, are they from Flor? 3. I'm in the same boat, specifically with accessories. I've been meaning to sell some of them online because I have some great bags that have been well taken care of but I just don't use anymore. Perhaps it will be my spring cleaning project.

    1. Thanks! As for 2 - that's a carpet from Ikea (we do have tiles from Flor in the basement, however). As for 3 - it's really about making literal and figurative space, but the issue does come when thinking about the value of things.

  2. Love the tree tunic! Very nice! I inderstand about too many clothes, but when I first read that you would be downsizing, I wailed inside. I love seeing what you put together! You always looks so elegant. But I inderstand about having to let go of you are bringing more in. Sigh.

    1. Not to worry; I will always have a lot of clothes. I just need to be able to have room for the things I plan to make and to be able to see what I already have.

  3. LOVE the tunic and the fabric! i've been intending to make it for so many years, but have always been a bit skeptical about that slit front, and wondered if i could adjust it so it doesn't require an undershirt....

    and i feel you on the closet! i have been working on mine too. as a clothing designer i have pieces i designed 20 years ago that i'm sentimentally attached to but will never wear, and so many other categories of oddball clothes that are hard to get rid of. you have some good creative ideas for moving them along!