Monday, October 31, 2011

Shoe of the Week: Hot Dog! Mustard Cowboy

I find myself interested in these for a number of reasons - the colour is unique (which could both be a good and a bad thing), they're from Patagonia (not the geographic region but a label I love), and...well,  maybe, just maybe, I'm due a little shoe love.  It's been a mighty dry patch for awhile.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Super Cute It's Almost Too Much!

Really!  The giant guitars, the synchronization, their cute little faces, those tiny hands.  It's too, too, much, and yet, just what I need.

Monday, October 24, 2011


That's really one of my favourite fair games, but right now, it feels like a metaphor for my schedule/life/interests.  Something pops up, and I have to hit it with a (plush) hammer to get it back in place. 

For example, am I teaching in the buff?  Absolutely not, but I've had neither time nor, quite frankly the desire, to photograph what I'm wearing.  In fact, I'm a little tired of photos of myself.

Shoe of the week?  Send me your suggestions.

Crafting?   I was impulse bidding on yarn on ebay last night to make up for the fact that I haven't knit since the summer.  How does (potentially) buying more yarn make me feel better for not having time to knit?  It suggests that I will again soon  (that's the best I can come up with at the moment).

Can't wait to see what pops up today!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fair Love - End of the Season

Last weekend we went the Rockton World's Fair, which I think probably marks the end of the fair season (at least for us).  I couldn't help but be reminded of when we went to a (much smaller parking lot) fair in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland this summer.

As fall begins, here's a little summertime love to keep us warm.

Bunnies!  I love bunnies!
Rockton World's Fair

Rockton World's Fair

Our little friend Ernst enjoying the ride.
Rockton World's Fair

Me, enjoying the ride provided by Ernst, a most attentive driver.
Rockton World's Fair
The boy (ours, not Ernst) would've looked mighty good in this coverall.  Obviously it was made for him.
Rockton World's Fair
From Newfoundland - me, the lady friend, and Wednesday Lupypciw (awesome artist and all-around individual)
Photo taken by Will Gill - another artist extraordinaire
 Just like Ernst, I like a good time.
Photo by Will Gill
 Will Gill, lady friend, me, and Wednesday
Photo by Will Gill

Two Shows - Highs & Lows

On Monday night I went to see Portishead in Toronto at the Sound Academy.  I went alone because after eating an extra ticket fee on two separate occasions, I've learned to buy only one ticket.  I also figured it was the kind of show where it'd be fine to be on your own.  In fact, I'm beginning to think that it really shouldn't be an issue at all (but more on that in another post). (Full disclosure - this was also the first time that anyone's ever given me their phone number unsolicited.  Thanks!)

Anyway, the show was fantastic.  They sounded as good live as they do on CD, and their stage show/presence was right on target.  I really appreciate Beth Gibbons, as well as the band's, understated demeanor - it lets me focus on her singing and the music overall (rather than trying to follow along with some convoluted narrative enacted via costumes and dancers that essentially diverts attention from some of the less-than-interesting/original music performed by others).  Know what I mean?

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson The Immortal Tour show in Hamilton on Wednesday night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me You Were Blue

Just a card I stitched up (thanks to Sublime Stitching's Stitchable Stationery) to cheer up someone near and dear to me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend - One of Multiple Posts

Last night, after coming home from our (Canadian) Thanksgiving meal with friends, the lady friend and I thought we'd warm up the television.  As we surfed around looking for something interesting (don't get me started on what's on TV), we came across "If a Tree Falls:  A Story of the Earth Liberation Front" on POV (yay public television!).

The documentary follows Daniel McGowan, a former member of the ELF, who was facing life in prison for his role in two arsons (no one was hurt).  I'm not going to go into all the details; you should see the documentary, which is available on the POV website for viewing until October 13th.  (You can also go to his website.) What is important to this blog post is that the story moved me, and it reminded me of the urgency I used to feel around social, environmental, and political issues.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wheel! Of! Exhaustion!

Yes, I'm surprised that some of my teaching outfits have not featured the ever-present hamster wheel I've felt I've been on recently.  (Would it surprise you to find out that I actually teach on three days this semester and that my Thursday outfits have not made it onto the blog?)

Today has been a little better.  I think I'm finding a way to juggle teaching four (!) classes with the rest of my life.  Well, it's not really juggling when you just find ways to work everyday.  The juggling part comes in when I start to feel resentful or, even better, belligerent.  What fun!  Nonetheless, no one forced me to teach this many classes.  It's actually an effort to eliminate some debt so that we can actually live in Berlin for five or six months in 2013.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Wore to Teach Today: Pete and Repeat

Despite the fact that the ladyfriend had to get up early to snap this photo, this is my first opportunity to post it.

Yes, I've worn this before.
Shirt:  Kedem Sasson
Vest:  Kedem Sasson
Pants:  Comme des Garcons
Shoes:  Camper