Monday, May 28, 2012

The Run is Over, But the Love Remains

Dear New York Rangers -

Firstly, let me congratulate you on an outstanding season.  It was a thrill to watch the team really come together this year.  Perhaps the pundits were surprised by your success, but any Ranger fan paying attention knew that this was part of the overall plan.

Of course I'm mourning your loss to the Devils (of all teams!).  My hate for the Devils is only overshadowed by the pure love I feel for you.  I mean it.  You work hard, you're tough, and you're my team.  I love you when you're down, and I love you when you're up.  We're in it for the long haul.

I know that this summer will be tinged with disappointment, but I think we can work through this and come back stronger in the fall.  We have many young players and an amazing coach in Torts - and I'm proud to bleed Ranger blue.

To hell with the Devils.  I won't be rooting for an LA win but a devastating defeat of the Devils.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Glamourous Life

The ladyfriend and I were invited to the Art Gallery of Hamilton's annual gala, held yesterday evening.  A donor had been kind enough to buy a table for artists (otherwise, I have the feeling there wouldn't have been many artists there).  I'm always happy to have an excuse to dress up.   I even had my hair done!  I've never had my hair done before.  I think the two of us make a mighty fine looking pair.

Once we found our people (aka friends), we had a great time, but I need to say this - Hamilton, try harder!  This was advertised as a formal affair, and I'd say about 85% of the women were wearing cocktail dresses and 85% of the men were wearing regular business suits.  C'mon, you want to be taken seriously as a high-end event and you're wearing work clothes?!  Also, watch your grammar - the sign on our table read "Artist's Table," but there was more than one artist present.  That's right - it's "Artists' Table."

If we're invited to another fancy event, I think we're ready to rock.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Someone's Star is Shining Brightly

The ladyfriend (sometimes I mistype that and it comes out "ladyfried") deserves many congratulations and more.

Last week she was awarded the City of Hamilton Arts Award for Established Artist in Visual Arts.  We totally weren't expecting it, reluctantly leaving our friend's backyard potluck to make it to the event in a timely manner.  Good thing we did.  Unexpected, but deserved honours are better than the fruit tray from Fortino's.  (Note to graduate students - when invited to a potluck, bring something other than a premade fruit tray; there is only room for one fruit tray per potluck; try harder.)

Last night her show at Rodman Hall opened.  You might remember Rodman Hall from last year's Main Event where Shake-n-Make showed up to wrestle.  It's a great space, and the current exhibits, which include an amazing rendition of the Laura Secord story (forget the chocolates) via intricate woodcuts by Barbara Klunder, are thoughtfully curated and installed.  The opening was a lot of fun, and Liss's work looks fantastic, if I may say so myself.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey Poppy!

Yesterday two; today four.

How many tomorrow?
(There's something vaguely bodysnatcher/day of the triffids about the poppies before they bloom...)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Spoke Too Soon

Ah yes, the thrill of starting a new project...only to discover you don't have enough yarn for it.  So the Soho Smocked Dress will have to wait, but not indefinitely.  The ladyfriend, moved by my plight (or my endless mumbling about yarn for the project), stepped in and bought me the yarn for the project.  I've decided to go with Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep (wool/cotton blend).  How can I go wrong with a colour called Nymph?
However, I'm in the mood to knit NOW so I'm making a shawl using the HandMaiden Sea Silk in a lovely moody grey my friend Celine gave to me for my birthday last year (look! something from my stash).  It's a little challenging, but it's also going rather quickly.  I started with one pattern but was confused by the "no stitch" squares on the chart and found a different pattern - Fylleryd.  I'm hoping that it will be finished by the time I get the yarn for the dress.  That would be ideal.