Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update from the Cape

Okay, so the photos you get are of a doe and two fawns and an amazing (if I may say so myself) lobster pasta I made a week or so ago.  I think these encapsulate what it's like to be here - it's quiet with, dare I say it?, simple pleasures. 

Tomorrow we head to Pictou Island with friends to bike around and laze about on the beach.  If it sounds like paradise, that's because it is.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bikes! Fashion! Kraftwerk!

(Clearly it's a day that I'm on the internet so bear with me)

I have to say, clever marketing because I'm more interested in Phillip Lim than I previously have been.  It's lucky that all these "girls"  (what's wrong with being women?) live in cycle-friendly places and don't have to wear helmets.  But they do look beautiful, don't they.

Making, Watching, Reading, Living

It's that time of the year.  The time when we make our way back to what we consider paradise and all its attendant luxuries.
The view from our back porch
Lots of canning

and eating.
Finished the socks I'd started on the bike ride.

Working on a shawl using the yarn I bought in Granville, Ohio.
Rereading Watership Down.  This is my original copy and contains a hilarious synopsis I wrote when I was probably in middle school.  Oh, the oversimplification.

Okay, this I saw at a rest stop on our way here; I appreciate the bookish take on the mudflap girl.