Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another kind of March Madness

One of my friends claims that March is always a crazy month, no matter how you approach it.  I've definitely been feeling it.  I'm swamped with papers to grade and obligations to honour.  I always know I'm too busy when I really haven't cooked in awhile, as evidenced by the state of our fridge, which harbors all kinds of memories of dinners past...

But in true Manley-family fashion, I'm sucking it up and have come up with a dinner of sorts (and look - there's green!).
Two different kinds of pasta (because there's not enough of one), homemade pesto (yay! at least there's that), brussels sprouts, and a beer (to help me cook).

I can only believe things will go up from here.

1 comment:

  1. I can of agree with the March Madness theorie!
    My dinners look more or less like granola + milk or yogurt + fruits or bread + cheese and everyday for dessert: Tums, Tums and reTums...
    I you feel that Saturday would be a little to much for you, let me know: you know I wouldn't be offended at all!