Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So the other day I wrote about MakeShift, where the artist/blogger/designer Natalie Purschwitz is documenting her challenge to wear only things she's made herself (including underwear).   When I was in Vancouver, I wrote about seeing Vanessa Kwan's piece Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver and included a photo of Vanessa (original post here).  Well, guess what?  It turns out that Natalie is the designer of the coats that Vanessa and her helpers were wearing!  It's too bad I wasn't familiar with Natalie's work beforehand.  I would've loved to have seen her space in Vancouver as well as chatted with her about her project.  (Please start singing "It's a Small World" here.)

So in preparation for Liss and my massive roadtrip in April, I'm looking for interesting regional web links/blogs and suggestions of places to visit from whoever is out there reading this.  We'll be traveling from Hamilton, ON to Boulder, CO to San Francisco, CA to Seattle, WA and then back across the top of the US to Hamilton.  (I'm a little exhausted just typing this.)  What should we see?  Who should we know?

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