Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crafty and All That It Entails

For me, crafty is an excellent word because it emcompasses so many areas.  The area in which I am currently trying hardest to be crafty (and heretofore has not necessarily been a crafty area) is money.  Yes, I know, times are hard, the economy is struggling, jobs are being cut etcetera etcetera, and I'm not saying that in a blase way.  I'm saying it because those are the ways people try to make it sound like it's nothing new, that everyone is doing it, a way for them to negate your attempts.  I'm not sure I believe that. (I really wanted to "buy" that, but I'm on a budget.)

Nonetheless, I am shopping my own closet so far bringing back at least one, if not two, vintage Jil Sander suits, and a long black leather Banana Republic skirt.  I'm looking at the September issues of magazines and seeing what interests and inspires me.  Of course, as a curvy girl who knits, I'm loving the return of the sweater girl look - full skirts and fitted pullovers.

A problem with being crafty is often thinking "Oh, I could make that," so I rarely buy sweaters anymore and will often turn away from a dress or skirt I think I could make.  The problem is not with thinking one can make that, but believing one will make that within the time one wants to wear it.  For example, on my "Projects List" is a glitter t-shirt, which was to be my version of a Meadham Kirchhoff t-shirt from S/S10:

I'd say I was maybe halfway through.  I'm almost done with the lining and then should be able to whip up (hah!) the top layer, but hey, it's September already.  Guess it'll look great next spring as well...

I've already knit my contribution to the chunky cabled sock look and thankfully already have some sweaters that will do work quite nicely this fall.  However, there are plenty of free patterns on Ravelry, like these two, that definitely echo what we're seeing in our magazines if you're feeling crafty.  (Please note, knitting is not a cheap hobby.  Really.  Sometimes it is less expensive to buy the sweater, or you could do as I have - thrift a knit sweater in a suitable weight, unravel it, and harvest the yarn!)
Wishbone sweater published in Berroco

Shauna sweater published by Louet
I'm looking forward to finding even more ways to be crafty this fall.   I'll keep you posted.

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