Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Better Late than Never?

Ever feel like you're late to the party?  Yesterday I discovered Wardrobe Re*Fashion, a site where people pledge (you know how much I love pledges, promises, & challenges) to abstain from buying any new clothing for a set period of time (2, 4, or 6 months or for life (!)) and instead refashion/recraft/recycle existing items (or used items in general).  It sounded perfect for a girl like me who is on a deep budget and has often turned to retail therapy for help. (Imagine if I'd been able to go shopping yesterday - that post would never have happened!)

Of course, it's all over now.  The blogmistress has ended it, which makes me sad.  I wasn't quite ready to bite the bullet (it is coming up on holiday party season after all), but I have my finger on the trigger (just to continue the gun metaphor).  For example, yesterday I put a couple of darts in the jacket/top of my father's old fatigues and am planning on doing a little beading on it as well.  I'm also considering all the alterations I can make to an oversized cashmere sweater from Value Village (my low-cost shrink) now that I'm rocking my serger.

Nonetheless, the blog will stay up, and you can see all the craftiness that is out there.  Anyone know of similar sites that are still operational?  Maybe I can just be fashionably late this time.

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