Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoe of the Week: These Boots...

Wonky photo, I know, but I was wearing them as I snapped them.  These are my non-brand specified (but made in Texas) cowboy boots that I picked up at the Value Village in Calgary.  Somehow all those details work together.

Once, my mother and I had stopped for a drink and were sitting at the bar when this guy struck up a conversation with us (if you know me, then you might imagine my initial response...); however, he used the cowboy boots I was wearing (a pair from my mom, no less) as an entry way.  It was through this guy that I learned how to judge a cowboy boot.  Firstly, if you look along the sole, there should be what look like small nails along the arch.  I can't remember the specific number but more is better.  Secondly, look at the stitching on the boot itself - single stitching is cheap, multiple implies greater craftsmanship.  The boots above do well on both those counts (plus they're made in Texas!).  I probably paid $12.99 for them.

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