Sunday, December 26, 2010

Failure of Imagination

As we're having a rather nontraditional Christmas (multiple Christmas events to include various family members), we (the nuclear family of three) went out in search of Chinese food and a movie yesterday.  We found Thai and Tron.

We had already planned on seeing the new Tron and prepped ourselves by watching the original a few days earlier.  What Liss and I couldn't get over was the fact that they were wearing HOCKEY HELMETS in the original.  See for yourself:

The original was pretty goofy and lacked a sophisticated plot, but, for the time it was made, it was pretty intriguing.  I guess hokey would be the word I might use to describe it now, so what could we really expect from the new one?  Yes, Tron:  Legacy was pretty lame, but it was lame in IMAX 3-D!

However, it did make me ask the following questions:
1) Why do we assume that every parallel universe mimics this one?  Really, do we need to have bodies, drive, sit down for a meal on the grid?  Also, are men going to be in charge everywhere?
2)  Why are people "attractive" a) at all and b) in a way that we can accept?  (I was convinced that the character Gem was played by Jessica Stam - fabulous make-up, works well in heels, etc.)
3)  Are we really wearing high heels in every universe?  And if so, are they easier to walk in?

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