Sunday, December 12, 2010

Super Power

Recently I was asked what super power I would choose if I could have one.  I decided that my super power would be the ability to suspend time.  I'd be able to basically put everyone & everything on pause so I could...wait for it...get more done!  I feel that it may lack a bit of imagination - I don't want to go back in time (we all know how that turns out), and I don't feel the need to shape shift or anything like that.  What I need is time, and more of it.

Then I read "The Gift of Time" in the holiday issue of "T," the style magazine of the New York Times, and I felt like I might not be alone.

And you, what's your super power?


  1. Cool!! You just gave me a great gift idea for you..:)

    I'd like my super power to be the ability to talk with nonhuman life forms. Of course plants and animals we know, but also unseason entities that may be out there., angels, ghosts, fairy godmothers, god/dess, extraterrestrials..

  2. ps.. that was supposed to be UNSEEN entities not unseason(ed) teehee!

  3. My super power would be to have people telling the truth, always.
    ' could be fun!