Friday, January 14, 2011

Tool or Toy?

I've started thinking that I should get a smart phone.  Now, I don't use my dumb phone very often; however, the smart phone is beginning to seem like a Leatherman-type tool.  I fantasize about posting more spontaneously (but don't worry - nothing like "ooh, I'm eating a bagel" crap), watching a video podcast, listening to music, etc.  Maybe I'd make a call on it once in awhile.

What I'm afraid of is that I might just be getting sucked into something I don't really need but am perceiving I have a need for, and god knows I don't want to become one of those textatrons with my head down scrolling through my "device."  (Related sidenote:  I've made a promise to not waver in my path if someone totally oblivious to the outside world because they're on their phone is about to bump into me.)

It's probably better that I don't really have the funding to do this at the moment, but I'm curious how other people are finding their smart phones and whether they really do have desirable (a key factor) functionality.

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  1. Dearest Claudia,
    I was uninterested in smart phones. I loved my dumb phone, because I never used it. And then my boyfriend (turned husband) got a newer smartphone so I got the hand-me-down. I find it so wonderful now (several months into it). It it like having a mini computer in my purse. I can email people while waiting for my windows to defrost! I resisted and now I'm really loving it. Also, I have a podcast player on my phone which is useful for jogging, I can listen to the New Yorker Fiction podcasts, I can do maps if I'm lost. It is absolutely great. This response brought to you by a neo-luddite!