Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I'm Wearing to Teach Today: Beyond Photo

Not really beyond photo, but I couldn't snap one that worked this morning.  There were some details I was trying to capture that just either merged into the background or were cut off.  Hey, it was 7:20am.  Not my sharpest hour.  This weekend I'll find the right spot with the right light to take these self-portraits, but in the meantime I'll narrate what I'm wearing.  Maybe the ladyfriend will take a photo tonight when I get home.

Today's outfit features a black leather jumper by Marc Jacobs.  It's a little 60s in its styling, and my favourite fact about it is that my mother gave it to me for Valentine's Day one year.  A simple gesture that says so much.
Underneath is a Les Copains white shirt with a tie collar (think ascot-esque).  Rounding out the outfit (hopefully) are purple tights and the "snow kickers" as I called them in my shoe of the week post last week.

Can you picture it?

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