Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoe of the Week: Conspiracy Afoot!

Sorry, but there's no photo of a shoe of the week today.   I am in New York City working the Coterie (fashion trade show).  That doesn't mean I have no shoes.  It just means that I seem to have even less time than I do at home.

But here's the conspiracy - on Saturday, I saw my mother.  We did what I call "the circuit":  lunch and shopping at Bergdorf's followed by shopping and a snack at Saks.  We try to do this twice a year (whenever I'm in town to work the show).  Of course I look at shoes.  How can I not?  And then, my mother asks me, "How many shoes do you own?" and she's got that tone.  You know the tone, the tone that says, "Enough already."  Now I must interject this - my mother is super stylish and also likes to discover (as I like to think of shopping), and she has stacks of shoe boxes in her bedroom (kettle, pot, black?).  Plus, she just gave me a pair of shoes when I saw her earlier this month!  (How much crack do you smoke?  Well, how much do you give me?)

My answer, which is irrelevant, was "A lot.  But I get rid of some, too."

Then, later on the subway "home" (Brooklyn will always be a home to me), I'm admiring another woman's Sorel's (they seemed to have had a flannel upper shank), and my ladyfriend says to me, "You have enough boots."

Say what?!  I believe that "enough" is subjective.  A conspiracy.  I can smell it.


  1. May be it is better to smell a conspiracy than... well, shoes!


  2. You just answer, "Enough like what? Black boots? Boots that go over my knees? Be specific!"

  3. A shoe addiction is waaay better than a drug addiction, don't you think? It's probably cheaper too. =)