Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

I was supposed to fly to Washington, DC today for the AWP conference, but I changed my flight to tomorrow because everyone was talking about how much snow we were going to get.  I don't know how close we got to the 30 - 40 cm that were forecast, but it's pretty impressive.
A proper snow day includes the following elements:

1.  A walk.

2.  Crafting:  I've been working on an almost finished, yet still overdue holiday gift.
3.  Cooking: Made a knock-out chicken soup featuring turnips, sweet potatoes, and matchstick egg noodles.
4.  Television/Film:  We watched The September Issue (second time for me, first time for Liss).  I really, really love fashion.
5.  Relaxing, which Max is demonstrating below.
Yay, snow day!

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