Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yes, I Can

I guess canning season is officially open for me.  Today it was pickled okra, courtesy of Imbibe magazine (how can you not love a magazine whose subtitle is "Liquid Culture"?) and pickled fiddleheads.  I got the recipe for that one from the blog, Fat of the Land, which I was led to by Well Preserved.  Huzzah!
   I tried out my new Weck jars alongside the tried-and-true traditional Bernardin jars.  I think I need a little more experience with the Weck, but I'm into them.  They're really beautiful and will make great gifts; however, they'll be the kind of jars that if you get one and you don't return it to me when you finish the contents, you won't get another.  That's actually a point of etiquette explained to me by a friend who does indeed return her used jars as well as the tins the ladyfriend puts brittle in each year.

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