Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Glamourous Life

The ladyfriend and I were invited to the Art Gallery of Hamilton's annual gala, held yesterday evening.  A donor had been kind enough to buy a table for artists (otherwise, I have the feeling there wouldn't have been many artists there).  I'm always happy to have an excuse to dress up.   I even had my hair done!  I've never had my hair done before.  I think the two of us make a mighty fine looking pair.

Once we found our people (aka friends), we had a great time, but I need to say this - Hamilton, try harder!  This was advertised as a formal affair, and I'd say about 85% of the women were wearing cocktail dresses and 85% of the men were wearing regular business suits.  C'mon, you want to be taken seriously as a high-end event and you're wearing work clothes?!  Also, watch your grammar - the sign on our table read "Artist's Table," but there was more than one artist present.  That's right - it's "Artists' Table."

If we're invited to another fancy event, I think we're ready to rock.

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