Friday, May 25, 2012

Someone's Star is Shining Brightly

The ladyfriend (sometimes I mistype that and it comes out "ladyfried") deserves many congratulations and more.

Last week she was awarded the City of Hamilton Arts Award for Established Artist in Visual Arts.  We totally weren't expecting it, reluctantly leaving our friend's backyard potluck to make it to the event in a timely manner.  Good thing we did.  Unexpected, but deserved honours are better than the fruit tray from Fortino's.  (Note to graduate students - when invited to a potluck, bring something other than a premade fruit tray; there is only room for one fruit tray per potluck; try harder.)

Last night her show at Rodman Hall opened.  You might remember Rodman Hall from last year's Main Event where Shake-n-Make showed up to wrestle.  It's a great space, and the current exhibits, which include an amazing rendition of the Laura Secord story (forget the chocolates) via intricate woodcuts by Barbara Klunder, are thoughtfully curated and installed.  The opening was a lot of fun, and Liss's work looks fantastic, if I may say so myself.

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