Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Soup's On

It's soup season, and I spent Monday fortifying my stock supply.

I used my pressure canner (what I call the time machine since it looks a little like it came from the '60s TV show Lost in Space) to make it shelf stable.  For you pressure canner users, I used 10lbs of pressure for 20 minutes.  Works like a charm.  I'm over freezing stock in glass jars.  Lately, even when filled with an inch or so of headroom, I get cracks.  A little frozen flat in ziploc bags isn't bad, but I have more shelf space than freezer space.

Danger!  Danger, Will Robinson!
Respect the pressure canner, and it will be your best friend.


  1. Is it scary to use? We've been contemplating getting one.

    1. Well, the warnings make it seem scary, but if you follow the instructions, it's all good. I would recommend you buy the All American one. It's a little more pricey than the Presto or other ones, but it's made in Wisconsin and has no rubber gaskets, which makes it more durable as well as consistent.

  2. Thanks Claudia! We'll look into it.