Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Excellent & Worthy Endeavour

Last night's black bean, sweet potato, and quinoa chili - dressed up!
This past weekend I took a t-shirt making workshop (for which I will get an earful from my hockey team, which only had one sub), and I ran into someone who'd been in a previous workshop with me (the embroidery one).  She and I clicked, and before we knew it, we'd made a year-long challenge pact.  It's a little complicated, but I'll put it in bullet points for easier comprehension.
  1. We've each picked a number of items we'd like to make this year.  My number is 24 because when we first started talking about this it was, "Knit one item and sew one item per month."  I like that idea.  My partner in crime (PiC) has chosen 12.  I don't have to make two items a month; just at least one.  I could make two or three one month and then only one the next.  We're crazy but trying not to make this impossible (like the show Cutthroat Kitchen, but that's another post).
  2. In order for an item to count toward our total, it has to use materials we already own.  Yes, we're whittling down our respective stashes!  I have a caveat that I can trade stash items- still reducing stash but perhaps ending up with a more appropriate yarn or fabric.
  3. PiC wants to include a new recipe a month.  I hate to say it, but that's pretty easy for me (see above photo).  Yay!
  4. One cannot make the same thing twice and have it count.  For example, I can't make twelve zippered pouches that are the same size.  To make it count, I have to modify it in some way or another.  Oh yeah, and we don't have to just make wearable items.
  5. At the end of each month we'll document our finished objects on an Instagram page (which means I have to upgrade to a smart phone).
Crazy, but inspiring - at least in January, at least for me.

Here's the t-shirt I made on Sunday.  I'm pretty pleased with it, and it will go with a couple of things that need better top options.  This one does not count toward my tally because I had to buy the fabric for it (one can see how this will be challenging).  But it counts toward my wardrobe, and that's alright by me.

I have, however, already completed a sewing project, which I'm saying fits the criteria.  It uses the fabric the ladyfriend bought me for Christmas (so it was in my stash).  This is the top.  I'll be making the skirt soon (and yes, I have the fabric for it).

Little gathers in the back
I have a knitting project on my needles right now that uses some Rowan yarn I've had for a long time.  It should be done by Friday.  Huzzah!  The more I get done this month, the less I'll have to do in really busy ones (although I'm feeling like this is a busy month for me already).

Momentum; I just gotta ride the momentum.

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