Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Community & Bartering & Crafting

As has previously been discussed on this blog (I like to pretend that we're discussing things here so please keep the illusion going), I am involved in a year-long project to knit and sew an average of one item (one knit, one sewn) a month, using materials from my stash.  A caveat I built into my side of the story is that I can trade stash items because, let's face it, we all have some yarn that we'll probably never use or was a novelty purchase.  Of course, I have both.

The boy was here recently for a two-week visit, which really was the best thing ever.  Can you hear my heart squeak?  (Yes, squeak.)  Anyway, no visit to Hamilton is complete without a trip to Value Village where I picked up this awesome skirt:
Yes, the bathrooms have the best light.  Yes, the skirt, made in Great Britain, was $4.99
Of course my mind goes to "What sweater can I knit to go with this?" and Kate Davies's Owls came to mind, a sweater that I've been wanting to make for some time now.  Of course, using up stash yarn was important, and I thought I was onto something when I saw that a number of knitters had used Alafoss Lopi for it.  What do you know?  I have some of that very yarn in my stash!

Alas, the colour was wrong.  But I was not to be deterred!  I started looking through the cataloged stashes on Ravelry (oh, how I love you even though I rarely tell you) and found someone who had seven skeins of light blue Berkshire Bulky (another favoured substitute yarn for the Owls sweater).  Would she be interested in trading for some teal Lopi?  Why yes, she was!  And now I will have yarn to knit a sweater to go with my skirt (the light plaid is actually light blue and not lavender as the photo suggests).  I am soooo looking forward to starting this...in the late fall.

But really, the point of this story was the joy that swapping yarn with a total stranger brought to me.  It really demonstrated that a scattered group of people can engender a sense of community through a shared love (in this case, knitting).  I had a previous positive experience getting yarn from someone on Ravelry, and this just deepens my commitment to the site and its denizens.

Craft on with your bad selves!

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  1. Gorgeous skirt, what a scoop! And yes, it really would look good with the owl sweater, I love that one.
    Have you cut out that M&M yet????
    Happy Easter to you x