Friday, November 14, 2014

File Under "Oh, Kentucky"

I follow BikeyFace, and she posted a cartoon about "Sharing the Road," which is pretty funny and on-point.  The ladyfriend and I have discussed designing a new, more attractive as well as more visible Share the Road bumpersticker because...uh, we have time?  No, because we have a pretty strong design aesthetic.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky (my least favourite state to cycle in so far - search Kentucky on this blog to read more), one of the comments on BikeyFace linked to this article about a woman who was arrested for riding her bike in the centre lane.  Ontario is trying to push 1 Metre Bicycle Safe Passing Law, which would be amazing.  Even Mississippi had a three-foot passing law; Ontario would be ahead of the game because as we know - a metre is a little more than a yard.

Getting geared up for winter commuting.  I'm going to try to extend my cycling even further into the winter and am considering studded tires.  Bike Pretty had a good post about ways to stylishly warm up your commute.  I'm totally going to make the reflective vest (yes, I sound like I'm, like totally, 14, and like, from the, you know, valley).

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