Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Biking in the Black and the Red

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As mentioned, I got some new cycling gear for Christmas, much of it to help me schlep stuff (or my bike) to and fro.  The ladyfriend bought me the Southwest Waxed Canvas Bike Suit Bag from Two Wheel Gear, which I had waxed (yes, a pun) poetic about both on this blog and in person.  I'm a little bummed that I won't be able to put it into action immediately as my teaching schedule this coming term has eliminated my overnight stay (sigh).  Nevertheless, I'm ready to go when I need to!

My parents (okay, my dad for the most part) took over the other cycling desires like this merino wool jersey (in red) as well as a saddle/handlebar bag and the aforementioned frame handle.  Yes, I'm psyched about riding again and ready for my commute (will still be riding to and from the train station once a week).

But while I'm looking forward to more cycling, Iva Jean, makers of everyday/wearable cycling clothes for women, are closing their doors after five years.  I'd initially found them through a Kickstarter campaign to fund some new designs - I'd really liked the merino wool racer back tunic with zippered pockets -
but it never went into production.  It's too bad when small, independent companies can't make it.  Clearly one person can't save a company (unless they're fabulously wealthy, I guess), but it brings home the need to support these kinds of makers (all the clothes had been manufactured in Seattle) in whatever way we can.

In the meantime, we can just keep cycling.

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