Friday, December 19, 2014

The Love Between a Girl and Her Bike Shop

A number of weeks ago I went to my local bike shop, Downtown Bike Hounds, to pick up some studded tires for winter.  Unfortunately they didn't have my size (700x35) and said they'd order them for me.  I came back the next week, but the order hadn't shipped.  The next week I got a call that said they still weren't in.  I stopped in again the following week, and then I decided I'd wait for them to call me.  Frankly, it was fine.  I'd injured my MCL and there really hadn't been much snow, so I could wait.

Today they called.  Apparently everyone's buying studded tires, which is great and also explained the difficulty they had in getting them in.   The tires were in, but they were a notch up from the ones I'd planned to buy.  Nonetheless, because I'd been so patient, they sold me the tires for the price they would've sold the others to me.  The price difference was not insignificant.  I was so excited that I raced over there and picked them up!
My MCL sprain is getting better; I've been riding the recumbent bike at physio and am thinking about taking Topaz (you remember my bike's name, right?) out for a spin next week before I put the new tires on.  I'm so grateful to Downtown Bike Hounds for taking care of me.  I'll think of them every time I ride through the snow.

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  1. That's really great that they took care of you! It's always wonderful when you find a good shop. Good luck with your injury and enjoy the tires!