Saturday, December 5, 2015

Another New Combination from the Post-Purge Closet

Okay, this features the same sweater that is in the first post, and it features the same designer, Dries Van Noten.  Let me say this - that dress and this skirt are the only two Dries Van Noten pieces I (still) own (there's a DvN sweater from the purge in a bin for a friend).  Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that the sweater goes with both.
I really should have a less cluttered background, but the mirror is in my closet.
The skirt has two layers, which I've illustrated with this image here.  Frankly, I thought this skirt wouldn't make the cut.  It hadn't been in my actual closet for years (yes, years), but I guess it sparked joy when I touched it, and look at it now.

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