Saturday, December 19, 2015

Feel Me, Read Me, Eat Me, Drink Me

I'm sure Donald Trump would pop a vein over this!  Love my bank!
Ah, what a busy week it's been and what chores, festivities, and what-not await.  But there's always something to check out online.

I loved this recent post on Radical Farmwives (really love this blog in general).  Let's take back what "radical" and "extreme" mean and understand that it's not inextricably linked to terrorism.

My love of bourbon is pretty well-documented, and I'm always happy to learn more.  This piece about the foundational role Jews played in the history of bourbon is fascinating.  Heaven Hill, which is mentioned in the article, is the only distillery my father and I made it to on our bike trip, and I got one of the best tasting bourbons I've experienced there.

Sharing my love of bourbon is beer, and this list of the best beers of 2015 is like a to-do list for me.  Hah!

Was referred to this link about Karl Lagerfeld coming under fire for copying knitters' designs from a comment in a Fringe Association post; I mean, c'mon!  Isn't that what you're supposed to do?  Design?  Instead, your copying from knitters on Fair Isle (the actual name of the island and not just the style of knitting)?  Blech!

Since I'm talking about Fringe Association, I found her recent post on Wardrobe Planning both timely and helpful since I'm getting ready to eschew shopping for clothing in 2016.  I've also just signed up for the Craftsy class Sewing Bras:  Construction & Fit.  It's a bonus that the woman teaching the class has a shop on Ottawa Street here in Hamilton where I can get all my supplies.

Enjoy the weekend and whatever festivities come your way!

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