Monday, May 2, 2016

FOs for April, MeMadeMay, and a Frolic

I managed to finish a few knitting projects this past month.  I blogged about the early ones, the ones that required so little it was almost embarrassing (but clearly not that embarrassing because I still haven't bothered with the sweater that needs ONE SIDE SEAM).

In addition to these, I finished a pair of socks for the ladyfriend using self-striping sock yarn bought in Berlin.  I'm hoping to finish the Brooklyn Tweed sweater that's in progress now by the end of the month.
For years I didn't knit for her because she didn't wear the knits I made for her (I know, I can hear you gasp).  Some of that was my fault - not necessarily her style or the size was off - and some of it was hers (the ladyfriend can be sensitive to wool; you know, the itchy factor).  However, we're thinking the BT sweater is going to be a winner, and I'm ever an optimist (often cranky or jaded but still optimistic).

The other major knit I finished was my mustard top-down sweater, which was part of my wardrobe plans as outlined at the beginning of the year.
I have to say, I really like this sweater.  It's totally easy to wear and looks like it'll play nicely with some of the other items in my wardrobe.  It's just in time for MeMadeMay16, and because the weather sucks, wool or wool blends (this is a wool/hemp blend I picked up at the Romni Wools Boxing Day sale) are perfect.  That's the nicest thing I can say about the weather right now.

As part of MeMadeMay16, I'll be trying to upload daily snaps to Instagram.  I kind of hate having to figure out what to do with my face in those images, but the photos are part of the bargain.  I'll probably cut my head off in at least a few of those images.  For the blog, I'll post compilation images. 

Finally, I went to the Toronto Knitters Frolic on Saturday with my pal Celine.  We'd signed up to take a Knitting on the Bias workshop with Bristol Ivy, which turned out to be great fun and has inspired a top using the ShibuiKnits yarn I picked up at Handknit.  Here's a sample of what we learned -
It's a chevron featuring two sections of bias knitting.  Super informative and inspiring workshop, and I love Bristol Ivy.  What a sweetie!

Believe it or not, Celine and I only bought one skein of yarn each.  I picked up some Grand River Sock Yarn (my favourite way to scratch a yarn-buying itch) from Agrestal Yarn.  Very excited to learn about this Canadian company.  They were able to tell me where the wool came from and where the mohair came from - both farms in Ontario.
Yes, me, in my mustard sweater, holding my one and only skein.
I was a little surprised when people couldn't tell me (or couldn't be bothered - seriously, one vendor said to me, "Well, I'd have to go online to see" and then looked at me to go away).  I'd assume that if you were an independent producer you'd know where your fibre came from.  But that's also how I kept from buying more.  If you couldn't tell me, there was no chance I was buying your yarn.  Simple as that!

As for a quick review of the Frolic overall, I'd have to say I was a little disappointed to see so many shops selling yarn that, for me at least, is readily available.  I was more interested in people like Agrestal Yarn, fibre companies I didn't know yet.  I will also acknowledge that I'm saving myself for a big purchase at the Squam Revelry when I'm there next month.

As mentioned, our workshop was great.  I wonder if the Frolic would consider having vendors on both Saturday and Sunday.  There were workshops on Sunday, but I didn't consider any of them seriously because the marketplace was not open.  It's on the other side of Toronto, and I like my schleps to have multiple functions/destinations.

Nonetheless, I'd go again because I like to be around other knitters.  I like being part of that community. 

Anyone else go to the Frolic?  Anyone participating in MeMadeMay16?  What'd you finish in April?


  1. I've never really participated in MeMadeMay but I could. I also want to do more sewing this summer, dust off my machine.

    1. You totally should participate! Just the sheer amount of your knitting could get you through the month, and what a better time to get back to sewing!