Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Shoulder Season

I've been making my way through the shoulder season, that time period between the end of classes and school-related obligations and the beginning of a new spring/summer vibe.  It can actually be a bit of an exhausting and somewhat frustrating time.  I'm all excited to be done with school for spring/summer to begin but don't quite know how I want my days to unfold.

One of my final obligations to school was to run a creative nonfiction workshop for "gifted" 5th graders.  I used the six-word memoir as my focus, and as a teacher, offered my own memoirs, one of which was "Write stories, make things, cycle daily" (the one from later in the day was "There's a reason I teach university" - you can get a sense of how I was feeling).  I think the first memoir is a pretty good indication of how I'd like my days to go.

I like a little bit of a framework for my days; I can get a little overwhelmed when I have too many options of what I'm going to do.  It may sound strange (or sad), but I need just a little structure to my days even if I opt to ignore it.  I like options.  So the shoulder season is about balancing freedom with framework.

It feels like I'm coming out of the other side of the season now.  There's lots to do (like the roof!), but my days are my own to schedule (of course taking into consideration the ladyfriend and our collaborative/combined obligations).  I spent some time at the studio yesterday sewing, and today I'm headed to the Toronto Knitters Frolic.  Yes, frolicking seems to be in order.  I'm going to frolic my way through the rest of the shoulder season and into a new season filled with writing, making, and being!
The ladyfriend and I at Glamour in the Hammer

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