Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kul-cha! February 20

We spent Saturday with D. & S.  First we had brunch at Nice Cafe where they make corned beef hash with real corned beef (as opposed to cooking it up from a can).  Sure, between the wait for a table and actually getting our food a good hour and a half had passed, but we didn't have anywhere we really needed to be.

Heading downtown we stopped by Vanessa Kwan's installation/performance piece, Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver in front of the library.  Vanessa hands out these postcards of Vancouver with part of the scenery cut-out.  Your job is to fill in that scenery with something else, take a picture, and upload it to the site.  Here are a couple of my and Liss's collaborations:

Here's the artist herself with S. & D.


Vanessa wasn't there when we first went by so S. convinced Liss and me to stand in line for LiveCity, a kind of City of Vancouver pavillion.  I felt it was important that we actually get into something we've stood in line for, so I was committed regardless of what was inside, which, not surprisingly, was another line for which we did not queue, Manitoba house, and some concession stands.  I did, however, go into Manitoba house where I quizzed the helpful volunteers on why there wasn't a special Guy Maddin exhibit.  While I didn't get a real answer, I did get a Manitoba Olympic pin - free souvenir, yay! Oh, and a photo to remember out time there -

 We then went to Daiso, a kind of Japanese dollar (okay, $2) store, in the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond.  It was in the mall where I had Takoyaki - a kind of custardy octopus ball - sounds gross but tastes yummy!  Exhausted, we went home where we ordered Thai food and yes, watched some Olympics on TV.

The sad news is that we had to give up our tickets for the men's giant slalom.  We just couldn't get our flight changed.  The good thing is the D. bought them for her sister, who is very excited to go.  Olympic karma points, perhaps. 

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