Friday, July 2, 2010

Back - in more ways than one

Yikes!  It's been almost two weeks since I last posted.  I can't exactly pinpoint why I wasn't posting for the first part of that hiatus (something about not feeling like just posting for the sake of posting, etc.), but for the second half of it, I was in New York.
   Ian was in the city for a wedding, and I thought I'd take advantage of his proximity.  I spent the weekend with my friend, Linda, a couple of hours outside of the city, since I knew Ian wouldn't be available until Tuesday, and I was long overdue for a visit with Linda.
   Hanging with Linda in the country means that I get a lot of crafting done.  I worked on my Alabama Chanin skirt and finally finished it today.  I have to say - it was an immensely satisfying experience.  The entire thing is hand-sewn, and although I didn't realize that the threads around the reverse applique areas were to be doubled, I don't think it'll suffer from my oversight.  It's amazingly forgiving thanks to the cotton jersey.  I have the feeling it will get a lot of wear.
    Here's a detail of the reverse applique in progress - I cut all but the smallest ones out.
    Here's the finished skirt on me.  Not the most flattering photo, but illustrative at least.

   I also worked on a cotton vest (pattern & yarn from Rowan), which is 90% finished.  I'm going to have to wet block it because it needs to be just a little roomier.  Hopefully it'll be completed by Monday.
   Linda takes me to tag sales and flea markets as well as crafty events like the Knit- & Spin-in at the Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Company.  Linda wants to learn to spin, and we ended up hanging out for almost an hour chatting with the people there.  The people were really nice and not in that "yuck, I'm going to puke from the saccharine" kind of way.  I kind of wished I could hang out and knit/spin with them more often.  I am, in the meantime, going to make my own drop spindle and experiment with what I picked up there and what I can get from books.  Yes, there's really no limit in the skills I'd like to attain.

    I managed to get two runs in while I was away.  One of them was on the Walkway Over the Hudson with Linda, which was quite nice even though we ran at the worst time of the day (oh, noon-ish) on an 85 & humid day.  Running - yes?  Running smart?  Not always.
    When we got back to her place, I put in some sweat equity and stacked wood that a friend had had delivered to her place.  I'm pretty proud of this pile.  I was driven, to say the least.

   I spent Tuesday and part of Wednesday in the city.  I caught up with some friends in addition to visiting with Ian.  It was great to see the boy.  He just always makes me proud.  Over dinner, which he paid the majority for, I told him how I liked him as a person and not just because he was my son.  What can I say?  I get a little misty-eyed because I'm so f*cking lucky (I try not to swear too much because my dad reads my blog - I know, the asterisk doesn't hide much, but it's the thought that counts, right?).   I'm quite fond of his girlfriend Heather who accompanied him on the trip.  They make a good couple.

   We squeezed in one more visit over lunch on Wednesday where I met up with Artemis and her niece.  Unfortunately the photo of the two of us needs a bit more work than I can manage with my meager Photoshop skills so I can't show you how two blondes can make it right.
   Back in the Hammer now, having a little time to myself.  I really didn't want to do anything today (except finish my skirt), but I was good and went for a run.  Tomorrow is going to be hella busy as I have a two-year old's birthday party in the morning and the Take Back the Dyke march later in Toronto while hoping to catch some of the Germany-Argentina game (Go Deutschland!!!) in between.  Speaking of lesbians (wondering if I'm referring back the dyke march or Germany?  Check out Lesbian or German lady although there's a mistake - Martina is Czech, not German), anyway, I found myself watching "The Real L Word" last night.  Really?!  Just another reason I'm glad I don't live in LA - yikes!
   I'm sure there are things I've failed to mention, but this is already an epic post.  Stayed tuned for photos from tomorrow!

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