Monday, July 12, 2010

Report from the edge of civilization

We've made it to the cottage, and although it's been a rainy few days, the benefits of an entirely different environment sans many of the stresses of home (television, phone, or internet) has already been beneficial.  So far I've finished the back of the tank top, the toes of a second sock, and am making my way through Sam Lipsyte's "The Ask."

We've also been cooking a lot.  We brought with us some meat we'd gotten from a meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we belonged to in the fall/winter.  We've taken a hiatus from the CSA, not because the meat wasn't great (organic and grass-raised) but because we got so much of it that we needed to catch up with what we had.  Needless to say, the meat pretty much thawed on our drive despite Liss' great packing.  However, now we have meals frozen for later on in our stay.  It's pretty satisfying to cook together on a rainy day.

I went for a long run in the rain yesterday (around 9 miles).  I was pretty shocked and excited at how good I felt throughout it (I did it without an iPod).  I'm really trying to stay on track with my training.  Today is a day of rest.  I think I might take a nap soon.

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