Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marching on

Well, my friend and I made it to the Take Back the Dyke march.  There were tons of people there, but it was all rather festive and positive despite the fact that there were no permits obtained and we took over University Avenue on our way to Queen's Park.

    There were lots of lovely people there in various outfits, costumes, and stages of undress.  Me?  I wore a little light green linen/cotton halter dress I got at a thrift store and had embroidered little cherries on.  Oh, and I wore a hat.  It was a sunny day after all.
(I actually know the woman who is taking a photo of the other side of the banner.  I didn't realize she was in this shot until I had it open in Photoshop.)
    Now we're getting ready to go on vacation.  We go to the same cottage each summer, and it's pure heaven.  I've already packed my projects and books.  The way I've packed, you'd think I was going to be gone for two months.  My projects include: the Isabella tank top for me, the Cold Mountain shawl (holiday gift), a Cornelia Tuttle sweater in Noro that I got the yarn for as a birthday gift a few years ago, the in-progress children's sweater (recipient undetermined), the second sock of a holiday gift pair, and a few other things (including a Frank Lloyd Wright crosstitch).
   I've also packed a number of books (both literary fiction & mystery), back issues of the New York Times Book Review, and a few magazines.  Plus I plan to work on my collection of short stories.  So heaven (at least in my terms) is a busy but deeply satisfying and relaxing place.  It's also a place with no internet connection.  We'll be going to the local library once a week or so to touch base with the rest of the world.
   Enjoy yourself and enjoy the summer.  I'll be in touch.

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  1. Have fun!!!!
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