Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoe of the Week: Bike Better

I'm currently in "Sporty Spice" mode,  having just run a 1/2 marathon (North Face Endurance series trail races) with my father this weekend (ouch, my quads!), the Bolder Boulder 10K last weekend (talk about high), and getting my father's road bike hand-me-down.  So, I'm thinking about a new pair of cycling shoes.  Believe it or not, the ones I own are really ugly and I'm kind of over them.  I've been wearing the ladyfriend's cast-offs (do you sense a theme here - I'm hand-me-down-receptive!), but I almost bought a new pair this weekend, which just made me need to see what my options are.  Here are two contenders:
Keen Arroyo Pedal

Specialized Women's Tahoe Shoe

Opinions?  Suggestions?  In the meantime, I'll keep exploring my options.


  1. I am a Keen addict but really, who am I to give you shoe advices!!!

  2. I like the tahoe version myself....

  3. I am also a Keen addict, so my opinions are biased. The Tahoe does look great though...