Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shoe Shopping as a Collaborative Venture

The thing that happens with me is that, when it comes to equipment, I like to buy the right thing because I hate to throw things away or upgrade needlessly (one reason why I'm experiencing an anti-Apple moment despite the fact that I'm a Mac user - the planned obsolescence is head-spinning; anyway, I digress), and yes, I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a well-made purchase.

This all started when I almost bought a pair of new cycling shoes just because they were inexpensive, but once I started asking (myself and the salesperson) questions about them, thinking about the brand (unknown "house" brand), and what-not, I knew that I had to be a little more discerning.  Unlike other shoes (for which I have an endless and insatiable appetite), I like to have one cycling shoe that satisfies on multiple levels: performance, reputation, and eye appeal.  With that in mind, I introduce a new contender:
Bontrager RL Mountain WSD Shoe

The one thing about this shoe is that is pretty much screams "CYCLING SHOE!," which may or may not be desirable.   Perhaps their biggest fault is that they'll probably give me that roadie (road cyclist) walk: that slightly mincing, uneven gait that come with traditional cycling shoes.  Do I care?  Should I care?

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  1. I wrote a review on the bontrager RL shoe, and can tell you I absolutely love it. Yes they look like a cycling shoe, but for reason. Weight, durability and protection!