Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T-Shirt Update

Here's some of the suggestions I've received regarding my search for a solid, basic, ethically-made t-shirt.

three dots
These t-shirts come in ten colours and cost $44.00


This is a unisex utilitarian shirt that comes in 15 colours.  This is the bargain t!  It starts at around $5.15 per t-shirt ($4.15 for white) and then the price goes down if you're ordering 12, 36, or 72.
Me to We Style
These come in six different colours and 50% of the company's profits go to a charity.  These cost $24.50 each.
Thanks for the suggestions so far.  I have to see what I need (colour-wise as well as quantity) so I haven't made a decision yet. Each t-shirt has its virtues.

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